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Degeneration of Intervertebral Disc Treatment in SE Asia

The degeneration of lumbar/thoracic intervertebral disc is the most common degenerative spine problem caused by wear and tear, car accidents, injuries, or frequently lifting heavy objects. The condition, which can cause severe back pain near the affected disc, is managed by an orthopedic specialist.

Singapore is now one of the most popular destinations for patients with orthopedic problems mainly because of its long list of top hospitals and orthopedic specialty clinics staffed by internationally trained specialists. Although these medical professionals are able to deliver medical care that is on par with what is offered in Western countries, there is a huge difference when it comes to the amount they charge their patients.

Those who go to Southeast Asia can save up to 75% of their medical expenses when compared to the amount they will spend in the US and UK for the same treatments. Even the travel and accommodation expenses are cheaper with some hospitals in the region offering serviced apartments at a discount for patients they are treating.

One of the top hospitals in the country is Singapore General Hospital, which has a dedicated orthopedic surgery department recognised for being the oldest and most established orthopedic center in the region. It offers comprehensive consultation and treatment for all musculoskeletal disorders and is considered as one of the best centers for the treatment of degenerated lumbar/thoracic intervertebral discs.

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