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Diagnose, Prevent and Rehabilitate Stroke in Southeast Asia

According to official figures released by United States’ Center for Disease Control and Prevention, stroke is the third leading cause of death in the country with one in 19 people dying from it every year. It’s also the leading cause of serious and long-term disability. Meanwhile, there are about 650,000 stroke deaths in Europe every year.

Although the incidence of stroke is declining in the west due to aggressive campaign to reduce smoking and efforts to lower blood pressure, the overall rate of stroke remains substantially high due to the aging population. Because of this, the cost of getting stroke treatment as well as comprehensive rehabilitation care is extremely high while the quality of service could be improved.

High quality stroke diagnosis, prevention, and rehabilitation can be had in one of the developed countries in Southeast Asia. This guarantees better quality service, affordable cost, and most importantly, zero waiting time. Singapore, having been recognized as one of the world leaders in stroke treatment, diagnosis, and management, is one of your best options.

Several advanced diagnostic and treatment options, which include comprehensive cerebrovascular imaging & Carotid and vertebral angioplasty & stenting are readily available in the region. As for the medical doctors in Southeast Asia, you are assured that you’re in good hands as those who offer medical attention to international patients were trained in some of the most reputable medical schools in the west and have years of solid experience under their belts.

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