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Effective Alcohol Dependence Treatment in Southeast Asia

Alcohol dependence is a disorder characterised by physical and mental addiction to alcohol. Alcohol dependent individuals are unable to stop drinking, which greatly impacts the quality of their lives as well as adversely affects their personal and professional relationships.

This condition is quite prevalent in many parts of the world and affects people from all walks of life. There are several elements considered in diagnosing alcohol dependence: acquired high tolerance, prioritising drinking alcohol over daily tasks and responsibilities, awareness of drinking compulsion, withdrawal symptoms, switching of alcoholic drinks, the need to drink to avoid withdrawal symptoms, and recurrence of dependence after a period of abstinence.

As the demand for effective treatment continuously increases, a number of rehabilitation facilities in Southeast Asia are now offering comprehensive services tailored to the individual needs of each patient. There are several treatment options available, including the popular Twelve-Step Programme, psychotherapy, support groups, and relapse prevention.

Since the treatment and rehabilitation of individuals who are alcohol dependent can take up to a year, cost is a major consideration for many patients. Facilities specialising in addiction treatment in countries such as Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia offer comprehensive packages that are up to 75% cheaper when compared to prices in the US or the UK. Many of these facilities and rehabilitation centres are located in serene and relaxing locations, surrounded by lush gardens and beaches that provide a conducive setting for effective treatment. Patients also get to experience the best of Asian hospitality and receive assistance from internationally-trained and accredited therapists and support staff.

These institutions often have direct partnerships with internationally-renowned hospitals that provide full medical assessment and detoxification programme. Privacy and comfort are top priorities in these facilities to make sure patients achieve complete treatment without unnecessary distractions. They offer luxurious amenities and holistic treatment programmes to address the physical and mental aspects of healing. With the use of advanced technology, you can even benefit from aftercare planning in which you can continue to communicate and keep in touch with your counsellors long after your treatment has been completed to avoid relapse.

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