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Excellent yet Affordable CAL (Fat Transfer) Procedure in SG

Asia is the next big thing in the field of medical tourism, with Singapore leading the charge in terms of surgical knowledge, skills, facilities, and price points. More and more tourists are flocking to Singapore not only to enjoy the amazing sights and attractions in this tiny yet progressive Southeast Asian nation, but also to enjoy affordable health care and high-end surgical procedures. While many of Singapore’s neighbouring nations are also rising names in the field of medical tourism, the country remains to be at the top, thanks to its long list of western-trained specialists, state-of-the-art health facilities and medical infrastructures, and low crime rate.

A CAL Fat Transfer procedure is just one of the many surgical options that medical tourists can explore in Singapore. A cutting-edge procedure designed for various applications, CAL Fat Transfer is best performed in a well-appointed hospital with highly-trained professionals on board. Not all hospitals in the region offer this procedure mainly because of the lack of necessary facilities and trained doctors, but if you're from Indonesia, flying to Singapore allows you to have a quick, comfortable, and safe procedure.

Having this procedure done in Singapore will also allow you to enjoy comfortable accommodation in a world-class hospital, access to the expertise of highly qualified doctors and top-notch medical equipment, and care from the leading healthcare professionals in the region. What’s more, this notoriously expensive procedure in Europe and the United States is up to 75% cheaper in Singapore.

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