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Female Urinary Stress Incontinence Treatment in SE Asia

Female urinary stress incontinence is a medical condition characterised by the involuntary release of urine among women. Affected women are prone to uncontrollably leaking urine when performing physical activities that place some pressure on the bladder. These include coughing, sneezing, and running. Urinary stress incontinence is more common among women, especially those who have already given birth.

Comprehensive, top-quality female urinary stress incontinence treatment is widely available in Southeast Asia and can be taken advantage of by both local and international patients. In recent times, Southeast Asia has developed into a hub for medical tourists coming from all over the world. There are many reasons why, but the region’s best attraction is its significantly lower healthcare costs as compared to medical hubs in the West.

Over the years of developing and improving its healthcare infrastructure, the region has also become known for its friendly nursing staff and excellent hospital programmes. It has also built a strong reputation for the collective skill and prowess of its many doctors and specialists. Many of the region’s top physicians were trained abroad and are thus able to offer medical services which quality adheres to global standards. The quality of medical care in the region has helped it obtain the attention of various highly esteemed quality monitoring bodies including the Joint Commission International (JCI). Today, there is a long list of JCI-accredited medical facilities scattered throughout Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

These Southeast Asian countries are making leaps and bounds in the medical tourism market. To make the process of medical travel easier for their foreign patients, they have created a streamlined, uncomplicated visa application procedure. Hospitals in these countries also invest in multilingual staff that can assist visitors from any point of origin. Such seemingly small conveniences, combined with high-quality treatments and first-class medical facilities, have propelled these Southeast Asian countries to the top of Asia’s medical tourism industry.

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