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For Dental Implants, It Makes Sense to Fly to Southeast Asia

If you require dental implants but simply can’t afford the procedure in the US or other European countries, consider going on a dental travel to Southeast Asia where you’ll be able to find cheaper prices with high quality services.

Southeast Asia provides some of the best dental services in the world at significantly lower costs. In some SE countries, the cost of dental implants can be 70% cheaper than the same procedure in the west, using the same technologies.

Many, if not all, of the recent dental technologies in the west can also be found in Southeast Asia. For instance, the cutting edge technologies used in Computer Guided Dental Implant Surgery, also known as Teeth-in-an-hour, is now also available in several Southeast Asian countries. This technology dramatically reduces waiting time and associated costs. While only a limited number of institutions in each country have this, they still offer the procedure at relatively inexpensive prices.

Additionally, the quality of healthcare in the region has significantly improved, especially in the developed Asian countries including Thailand, Singapore, and South Korea. These countries have long been known to have the highest standards of quality care in the region. Quality does not only refer to the infrastructure and technologies, but also to the educational and expertise of local dentists and surgeons. Many of them were trained in some of the top universities in the west, thus they can provide the same quality of service as their western counterparts.

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