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Get A Facelift Done in Southeast Asia

More and more Indonesians are getting facelift to achieve a more youthful appearance. This is traditionally an invasive procedure that removes the excess facial skin by making incision starting in the hairline. The skin is then lifted off to correct loose skin problem and excess skin is removed. This is followed by the application of sutures and skin staples to close the wound.

Due to the sensitivity of the procedure, it’s essential that this is performed only by board-certified plastic surgeon in a sterile and well-equipped medical facility to ensure your safety and comfort. This is exactly what you can achieve by traveling to Southeast Asia for facelift procedure.

Southeast Asia is fast becoming the go-to medical destination for both men and women who are highly considering facelift. Compared to Indonesia, Southeast Asian countries like Singapore and Thailand have better healthcare system. In fact, Singapore’s healthcare system is recognized as the best in Southeast Asia and the most efficient in the world.

Plastic surgeons in Southeast Asia particularly in South Korea and Singapore are some of the best in this field. With majority trained and educated in most reputable medical schools in the west, their skills and qualifications are comparable to their western counterparts. When it comes to medical facilities, hospitals in Southeast Asia are unparalleled and adhere to the highest standards.

Despite world-class healthcare system and guaranteed quality care, the cost of facelift in Southeast Asia is significantly lower compared to other medical destinations.

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