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Get Affordable Appendectomy Done in Singapore

An appendectomy is a surgical procedure to remove an inflamed appendix, preferably before it ruptures. Although the procedure is common in Indonesia, more and more patients prefer to have the procedure done in first-world countries as this means having access to highly qualified surgeons who can greatly increase the chances of success and minimize the risks and complications.

Most patients from Indonesia automatically think that the US and other western countries are their only options when seeking the highest quality medical care. Although these countries have impressive health care systems, they are known to charge the highest rates even for routine medical procedures such as appendectomy. If you’re concerned about the costs but would not settle for anything less, Singapore, which is just a few hours flight away from Indonesia is your best option.

Singapore’s healthcare system is at par with the world’s best. Just like the US and European countries, Singapore boasts world-class hospitals and medical centres that are fully equipped with the latest medical equipment and technologies. Meanwhile, the surgeons who practice here are highly trained and experienced. In fact, most of them have received training and education in the United States and other western countries. They are also adept at performing appendectomy using innovative and minimally invasive techniques, helping patients recover faster following the procedure.

Despite these benefits, surgeons in Singapore charge as much as 75% cheaper when compared to those practicing in the United States. Even with associated costs such as airfare and accommodation, you’ll still be able to save money while receiving internationally accepted standards of medical care.

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