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Get Affordable Eye Care in Southeast Asia

The cost of treatments for various vision related problems can be very expensive in Indonesia, especially those that require specialized eye surgery. A cheaper alternative is to seek treatment at a government hospital. However, these hospitals lack advanced medical equipment and other resources to provide quality specialized treatment.

If you’re seeking for quality yet affordable eye treatment, you have the option to go on medical travel to other countries within Southeast Asia. Singapore and Thailand have become major destinations for people who need the services of an ophthalmologist. Not only are there plenty of hospitals and clinics that are equipped to provide specialized treatment, but the prices for these procedures are some of the cheapest in the region as well.

While Thailand has long been known to provide quality eye surgeries at more affordable prices, Singapore is recognized for its long list of highly trained ophthalmologists, cutting edge technologies used in the field of eye care, and world-class healthcare system.

For decades, these countries in the region have been investing heavily on modern medical equipment and highly trained ophthalmologists. Their hospitals are some of the best in SE Asia. In fact, they are regularly compared with western hospitals in terms of facilities and quality healthcare.

What make them a more attractive option though are the cheap prices for their medical services. Quality eye care and specialized eye treatments are up to 70 percent cheaper compared in the west.

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