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Get Angioplasty Done in Singapore

An angioplasty is a medical procedure performed to repair and unblock the blood vessels to improve blood flow to the heart muscle. Although this is offered by major heart centres in Indonesia, patients have the option to travel to Singapore, which boasts world-class health care system.

Cardiovascular care in Singapore is one of the finest in the world, thanks to the country’s long list of highly skilled cardiovascular surgeons who have received extensive training both locally and abroad and the country’s world-class medical facilities that are equipped with state-of-the-art surgical equipment and imaging technology. Also, cardiovascular surgeons in Singapore are adept at performing angioplasty using the most sophisticated and advanced techniques, ensuring patients’ comfort and safety.

The standards of medical care in Singapore are comparable to that in the United States as both are using the latest technologies and clinically-proven techniques in treating blocked coronary arteries. The only difference is the cost. Patients get to enjoy 70% savings if they elect to have angioplasty in Singapore. Even with added costs such as accommodation, food, and airfare, they can still save an enormous amount of money without putting their health at risk.

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