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Get Dental Bridging Done in Singapore

A dental bridge is one of the most ideal replacement solutions for missing teeth. Commonly made from porcelain, gold, alloys or any combination of these materials, dental bridges are more durable compared to traditional false teeth.

If you’re from Indonesia and currently in need of dental bridges, your best option is to travel to neighboring country Singapore where you can expect the highest possible quality care. Because of high quality dental work, dentists in Singapore can help you effectively restore your smile, maintain your face’s shape, and restore your ability to properly speak and chew.

Depending on your preferences and budget, you can choose from different dental bridges offered in the city state. These include the following:

Traditional Dental Bridges – These are the most common type of dental bridges that are made from ceramics or porcelain fused metal. This involves the creation of crown for the tooth or implant on either side of the missing tooth.

Cantilever Bridges – These are similar to traditional bridges but are ideal when there are no teeth on one side of the gap.

Resin-bonded Bridges – This involves the use of dental cement and metal clamps that bond and hold the new tooth in place. This is ideal in replacing front teeth.

Aside from offering you with several choices, Singapore also guarantees quality care. This is because of its world-class medical infrastructure, board-certified dentists that specialize in dental bridges, and state-of-the-art dental equipment.

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