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Get dental implants faster In SE Asia than in Indonesia

With the improvement of quality healthcare, technologies, and medical services in Southeast Asian countries, Indonesians who seek fast and affordable dental implants now have better option when choosing dental tourism destination. Instead of automatically flying to the United States and other western countries, you can save money and get faster, quality result by choosing one country in the region.

Dental tourism in Southeast Asia is quickly becoming popular as the region has invested heavily in advanced technologies that are able to provide high quality dental services at affordable rates. For instance, dental implants in the Southeast Asia can now be completed in less than a day due to cutting-edge technologies.

If you seek dental implants for 1 or more lost permanent teeth, the teeth-in-an-hour technology, which is available in many Southeast Asian countries, allows such a procedure to be completed in less than an hour thus, significantly reducing waiting time. Traditional implants take 3 months at the very minimum to complete.

Teeth-in-an-hour uses computer technology and robotics in creating functional teeth. The procedure does not require any incision and will only result in a little post-operative swelling, making it possible for patients to leave the dental clinic within an hour of the operation.

For patients who require a full set of teeth, the All-on-4 technology provides a patient with both upper and lower sets in less than a day. This procedure requires only 4 implants to which the full set of teeth are attached.

Both of the above technologies are available in Southeast Asia. The procedures are fast, affordable, and reliable making the SE an excellent choice if you are thinking of resorting to dental tourism.

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