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Get Effective Rectovaginal Fistula Treatment in SE Asia

A rectovaginal fistula is a condition characterised by the formation of an abnormal tract or connection between the rectum and the vagina. It is often caused by injury during childbirth but some cases are brought about by radiation, Crohn’s disease, infections, and neoplasm. Some women have a higher risk of developing this when they undergo surgical procedures in the vagina or rectum.

Patients with a rectovaginal fistula experience various distressing symptoms including the passage of stool into the vagina, particularly during episodes of diarrhoea, as well as faecal incontinence, in which passing stool becomes painful, and foul-smelling vaginal discharge.

Seeking treatment for rectovaginal fistulas can be a big challenge for some patients as the condition is typically associated with psychological and mental distress. This warrants the skills of professional yet compassionate medical specialists who are capable of addressing a myriad of issues and concerns in order to fully treat not just the problem but also the person as a whole. In most cases, surgery is the main course of treatment in managing the physical aspect of the condition.

Comprehensive care for rectovaginal fistulas is readily available at several private hospitals and medical facilities in Southeast Asia where one can find some of the most talented surgeons in the region. These surgeons have easy access to state-of-the-art surgical tools and equipment and are highly trained in several surgical techniques used to effectively seal the fistula.

Multi-specialty medical institutions in the region also provide other forms of medical therapies such as drainage of abscess and administration of directed antibiotic therapy to resolve fistula caused by injury or trauma. Cosmetics surgeons are also on hand to perform repair surgery, particularly in cases when bowel resection and skin grafts are needed. These comprehensive services are available at Southeast Asia’s medical tourism hubs - Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia - at a much lower cost than in countries like the United States and United Kingdom.

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