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Get Fitted with A Prosthesis in Southeast Asia

Prosthesis is an artificial replacement or substitute of a part of a body such as hip, a facial bone, knee, arm, or leg. In the field of medicine, these are used for functional or cosmetic reasons or both.

Getting your prosthesis in Southeast Asia starts with consulting a specialist. If you require prosthetic eye, you will work together with an ophthalmologist or if you require prosthetic legs, you will work together with an orthopedic surgeon. These professionals usually work with prosthetists in the same medical facility.

Before you travel across the world, do your research and get a list of specialists in your chosen Southeast Asian country. Often, you can schedule appointment via phone or through their website. To ensure quality of medical care, choose doctors that are members of medical organizations recognized by your own country and who provide services in top hospitals. As the cost of consultation is Southeast Asia is substantially cheaper compared in the West, you are encouraged to ask for second or even third opinion.

Taking this route allows you to enjoy several benefits. Aside from saving up to 75% of medical cost, you are also assured of high quality medical care (provided you work only with licensed doctors and prosthetists and you are treated in a world-class medical facility) and minimal to zero waiting time.

If you find it difficult to decide on where country to go, know that Singapore and Thailand are the most popular options for patients from United States and European countries primarily because of their impressive healthcare systems.

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