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Get Hand Surgery Done in Southeast Asia

Suffering from various orthopedic hand conditions and injuries such as arthritis of the hand and wrist, scleroderma, distal radius fractures, wrist fractures, and carpal tunnel syndrome can affect many facets of your life. With this condition, performing your job or enjoying a hobby can prove to be challenging. For this reason, immediate treatment is essential.

If cost of treatments in western countries keeps you from getting better, traveling to Southeast Asia where affordable treatments and surgeries are widely available is your best option.

Southeast Asian countries particularly Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore have comprehensive department of orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation centers where you can find highly qualified and internationally trained hand surgeons. They offer complete range of surgical and non-surgical treatments for conditions that affect the hand’s ligaments, tendons, and joints.

Regardless of the severity of your case, medical professionals in these countries ensure that they apply their considerable amount of experience and highly collaborative working style to provide you with individualized treatment plans designed to ensure quality care as well as your safety and comfort.

Cost: Patients from the west who do not have insurance can spend as much as $7,000 for non-surgical procedures and at least $15,000 if surgery is required. However, the same treatment and surgeries can be had in Southeast Asia for up to 75% less. Due to the region’s advanced medical infrastructure, board-certified hand surgeons, and world-class medical facilities, you are ensured of the same quality care offered in the west but without the hefty price tag.

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