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Get Hip Replacement Surgery in Southeast Asia

Every year, about 100,000 Indonesians require hip replacement surgery to reduce pain and to treat disabilities that are associated with variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Unfortunately, the country’s limited number of qualified orthopedic surgeons and globally accredited medical facilities can’t keep up with the growing demand. For this reason, traveling to other Southeast Asian countries like Singapore and Thailand makes an attractive option for patients.

Unlike Indonesia, Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Singapore have a long list of highly qualified orthopedic surgeons that are practicing at numerous top hospitals and other medical facilities. The number is more than enough to accommodate both local and international patients.

Hip Replacement Surgery Options: Traveling to Southeast Asia for hip replacement surgery equates to having surgery options. These include traditional Total Hip Replacement (THR) surgery that is ideal for patients suffering from late-stage degenerative hip disease. Another option is minimally invasive hip replacement surgery that is offered both in Singapore and Thailand. Unlike the first option, this surgery is done through smaller incisions. Consult with your doctor to decide on the best surgery option based on your condition.

Cost and waiting time: Going on medical travel for quality hip replacement surgery in Southeast Asia instead of western countries can save you a fortune. Although the same technology and advanced medical equipment are used, both Total Hip Replacement and minimally invasive hip replacement surgery are 50% cheaper in Southeast Asia. As to waiting time, licensed orthopedic surgeons in Southeast Asia can accommodate you at a moment’s notice. It’s very rare that you’ll be asked to wait for more than a day for the initial consultation.

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