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Get Holistic Trauma Treatment in Singapore

Trauma is the medical term for any damage or injury to a person from an external source. In order to properly assess and treat traumatic injuries, a classification or scoring system is applied primarily based on the severity of the injuries. Anything with an Injury Severity Score (ISS) of greater than 15 is considered major trauma or an injury that can lead to more serious complications and conditions. Trauma can also be classified based on the location of the injuries and for research purposes, based on gender and age.

When dealing with trauma, a quick assessment of the injuries is needed in order to relay the required treatment protocol. Sometimes, it may require the quick transport of the patient to the nearest medical facility to avoid the loss of a limb. Sometimes, it may require the administration of first aid treatment before transporting. In Singapore, there are many trauma centers in major hospitals that are fully-equipped and fully staffed to handle both emergency situations and multiple-injury victims. Deaths are prevented because of the speedy attention that medical professionals administer to patients.

Patients from Indonesia who have received initial medical attention in their country may opt to travel to Singapore for rehabilitation or to get a more specialized treatment. With the best healthcare system in the region, Singapore offers not just comprehensive treatment for trauma injuries but also rehabilitation programs to promote functional independence among patients. In Singapore, you are assured to get immediate medical attention from some of the best medical professionals in the world.

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