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Get Jaw Surgery Done in Southeast Asia

Jaw surgery, which is primarily performed to correct a wide range of dental and skeletal irregularities, is being embraced by thousands of Americans and Europeans. However, most patients take advantage of the procedure not for medical reasons but to improve their overall appearance.

Jaw surgery, which is a phenomenon in Thailand and South Korea, is a radical solution to correct facial deformities and is typically recommended for patients who are unable to chew or speak properly due to excessive under or overbite. The bone-cutting procedure, just like other major surgeries, comes with various risks. Thus, it is essential that only qualified and highly skilled plastic surgeons perform it.

If you’re from any western country and highly consider this procedure but don’t want to spend a fortune, travelling to Southeast Asia particularly in Thailand and South Korea is one of your best options. Globally known for plastic surgery and related procedures, both countries boast of internationally trained plastic and cosmetic surgeons, the most advanced surgical tools and equipment, and the latest technology.

Cost and quality: The cost of getting jaw surgery in the west can easily discourage you especially because this is not covered by a typical healthcare insurance. Hospital bills, braces, and doctor’s fee can easily set you back by at least $20,000. In South Korea, where the surgery is often performed to both locals and international patients, the cost is up to 75% lower. However, the quality of care and the after-surgery results are as impressive as those in the west.

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