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Get Kidney Stones Removed in Singapore

If you’re seeking the best treatment for your kidney stones, traveling to Singapore is your best option. Going on a medical travel to your neighboring country allows you to take advantage of its modern and highly impressive healthcare system.

Before you board the plane, schedule an appointment with one of the country’s internists, urologists, or general practitioners. This allows you to ensure that you’ll be provided with immediate medical attention.

What to expect: Your chosen doctor will diagnose your condition first prior to presenting treatment options. Diagnosis requires ultrasound of the bladder or kidney. State-of-the-art computerized tomography scan or intravenous program maybe used in this stage. Depending on the diagnosis, treatments may include medical therapy and surgical treatment. Both can be scheduled at your earliest convenience.

If surgery is needed, your options include (1) Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, which is an outpatient procedure that is noninvasive but proven to be highly effective, (2) Percutaneous nephrolithotomy, which is recommended for bigger kidney stones that cannot be shattered by noninvasive procedure and (3) Ureteroscopic stone removal, which is recommended for mid and lower-ureter stones.

Better quality care is guaranteed: Regardless of the treatment, you are guaranteed excellent quality care in Singapore. Internationally trained doctors, who are considered some of the best in the world, can assure you this. Working at well-equipped hospitals and having access to state-of-the-art technologies help these medical professionals ensure the success of the procedure as well as your safety and comfort.

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