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Get Kidney Stones Removed in Southeast Asia

A kidney stone or Nephrolithiasis is a hard, crystalline mineral formed within the urinary track or kidney. Commonly caused by dehydration, symptoms include severe pain in the abdomen and blood in the urine. While anyone may develop kidney stone, people who have gout, diabetes, hypercalciuria or who have previously undergone intestinal bypass are at higher risk of getting one.

While western countries offer the most comprehensive diagnosis and treatment options for patients who have kidney stones, more and more people are looking elsewhere primarily because of the cost. According to official figures, the average cost of getting quality kidney stone treatment range from $8,300 to $35,000 depending on the doctor’s years of experience, where the hospital is located, and other factors.

The same treatment can be had in Thailand for $1,000 and in Singapore for $1,300. These prices are available in the best hospitals in Southeast Asian countries. This means that the procedure will be performed in a well-equipped medical facility that offers five-star accommodation to patients. Even if you add associated costs such as airfare, you will still be able to save enormous amount of money.

When it comes to quality of care, there is nothing to worry about. As long as you book an appointment with qualified specialist and as long as the operation is performed in accredited hospitals, you are assured that the quality is at par, or maybe even better than what’s offered in your own country.

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