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Get Pearly White Teeth in Singapore

Shining white teeth are often envied. Unfortunately, many believe that it takes forever to get teeth perfectly white, and the procedure can be dangerous. This is partly true, especially when using bleach or traditional teeth whitening methods. However, are you aware that due to modern technologies, a set of shining white teeth can now be achieved in less than two hours?

With laser LED technology, dentists in Singapore can now turn yellowish teeth into shining white in a single session that normally takes a couple of hours. That’s about the same time as flying from Jakarta to Singapore.

The procedure is non-invasive and painless. The dentist will cover your gums, lips, face, and eyes, leaving only your teeth exposed. The exposed teeth will then be covered with a special gel that activates when exposed to a laser. After about 20 minutes, more gel will be applied and exposed to the laser. This will be repeated until the desired shade is achieved.

After treatment, you’ll notice a drastic improvement in teeth color. In fact, it’s normal for your teeth to become eight shades whiter using this method.

All you’ll need to do after the procedure is to maintain your teeth through proper dental hygiene. The dentist will recommend products and methods to prevent teeth discoloration.

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