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Get Tested for Allergy in Singapore

Allergy testing is typically conducted to help medical professionals make well-informed decision in creating a treatment plan for the patient. This test aids in either confirming or ruling out allergies to limit unnecessary avoidance to certain medications and effectively reduce the incident of symptoms.

Individuals also have the option to be tested for allergies to identify the causes of their current symptoms. If you are scheduled to fly to Singapore for business or for leisure, you may consider getting tested in the country where the most advanced technologies are used, ensuring reliable results.

Schedule an appointment with a general practitioner or with one of the top hospitals in Singapore. You maybe given the option to have either skin or blood test to identify what substance or allergens trigger your allergic response. Blood tests are generally more expensive than skin tests but they are comprehensive and offer rapid, more reliable results.

The most common type of blood tests usually performed in Singapore is the ezyme-linked immunosorbentassay that measure the amount of antibody in your blood. If more information is required, other lab testing methods, which include immunoassay capture test and radioallergosorbent testing maybe required.

Getting allergy testing procedure in Singapore is fast and efficient. You will normally be provided with the result the same day. As this is conducted by qualified medical professionals with access to the best available medical technology, you are ensure that the results are 100% accurate.

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