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Get the Best Lacunar Infarction Treatment in Southeast Asia

Lacunar infarction, also known as lacunar stroke, is the most common type of ischemic stroke. It occurs when one of the small arteries deep in the brain becomes blocked preventing blood to flow through it properly. When not treated immediately, lacunar stroke can cause oxygen deprivation in the brain, which can result in brain cell death or irreversible brain damage.

Prompt, comprehensive treatment for lacunar infarction is widely available in Southeast Asia where many high-capacity medical facilities offer treatment programmes specifically targeted towards treating strokes. These include primary stroke programmes offered by some of Thailand’s top hospitals, such as Bumrungrad International and Bangkok Hospital Medical Center. Both hospitals have a dedicated Joint Commission International (JCI)-accredited Primary Stroke Programme that focuses on treating patients who suffer from or are at risk of strokes.

Most stroke patients also require long-term care, especially if they suffer from brain damage to some extent. This typically necessitates a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation programme that includes physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. All these are also widely available at world-class rehabilitation centres in the region that are staffed by friendly, compassionate team of specialists, doctors, and nurses.

However, the biggest advantage for medical tourists is the lower overall cost of seeking healthcare in Southeast Asia. Medical travellers in the region can save as much as 50 to 70% of the average cost of healthcare in developed countries such as the US and Canada. For many patients, this opens up more opportunities for effective and advanced treatment. Travelling to Southeast Asia also allows stroke survivors to recuperate and recover faster while they are away from their normal environment. The change of scenery can certainly bring a lot of benefits to a patient recovering from a range of medical conditions including lacunar infarction.

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