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Get Treated for Adrenal Carcinoma in Southeast Asia

Adrenal or adrenocortical carcinoma is considered a rare disease in which cancer cells develop in the outer layer of the adrenal gland, called the adrenal cortex. The human body has a pair of these triangle-shaped glands, found on top of each kidney. These glands help in balancing the body’s water and salt content and are also involved in maintaining normal blood pressure. In most cases, adrenal carcinoma is caused by the overproduction of adrenal hormones and is manifested by pain and lump in the abdomen.

It is important for those suspected of having adrenal carcinoma to have access to the best medical care possible. A number of imaging and chemical tests are needed to accurately diagnose and evaluate this condition.

Southeast Asia offers comprehensive care for patients with adrenal carcinoma. The region is home to a long list of hospitals and medical facilities accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), an organisation that upholds international standards for health care safety and quality. These medical facilities feature dedicated, state-of-the-art oncology centres that invest heavily in sophisticated diagnostic tools and equipment to gather comprehensive information about the patient’s condition. Expert oncologists and endocrinologists are also on hand to help determine the cancer stage and appropriate treatment.

There are several treatment options available for patients diagnosed with adrenal carcinoma. These include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Medical institutions in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia offer all these treatments, which are carried out using the most advanced medical devices and medications. Also, health care services aimed at relieving and managing symptoms for terminal cases are also offered and are customised according to the patient’s specific needs. These countries, which are recognised as some of the most trusted medical tourism destinations in the world, are also investing in clinical trials that aim to develop new cancer treatments to further improve patient outcomes.

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