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Get Treated for Colon Cancer in Southeast Asia

Colon cancer, which is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality not just in western countries but also across the world, is the development of malignant tumors in the longest part of the intestine. Although millions of people in western countries are affected with this type of cancer, cost-effective cancer treatments are still not widely available in their home country. For this reason, traveling to Southeast Asia becomes a viable option for thousands of cancer patients.

Southeast Asian countries particularly Thailand and Singapore offer cheaper cancer treatment options for patients from overseas. Utilizing only the most advanced equipment and FDA-approved medications, both countries ensure quality of treatment without huge tag prices.

Cancer treatments available in Southeast Asia include chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, stem cell transplant and targeted therapy. These are the same as those offered in your country but they are 50-70 percent cheaper in SE. The region also has more than a hundred of globally accredited hospitals offering five-star accommodation to patients. These facilities are well equipped with the most modern technologies and medical equipment required for any cancer treatment procedure.

Traveling to Southeast Asia for quality treatment for colon cancer requires minimal to zero waiting time. Initial assessment and initiation of most suitable treatment are scheduled at your earliest convenience.

Southeast Asia’s first-class health-care system, multiple accredited oncologists, sophisticated infrastructure, and higher than average success rate help you increase the odds of fighting colon cancer.

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