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Get Treated for Ear Pain in Southeast Asia

Ear pain, according to research and official medical figures, is the most common reason why parents seek medical attention for their children. Earache, which is more common in children below 12 years old, can be constant or recurrent. Patients typically suffer from either dull pain or burning sensation.

If you’re from western countries and have been meaning to get diagnosis and treatment for your ear pain, you can combine your Southeast Asian visit with discounted but quality health care. The region is where you can find some of the best Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat (EENT) clinics offering comprehensive treatment for wide range of ear problems.

Treatment and Diagnosis - When you consult an ear specialist in Singapore for an earache, the doctor will perform several tests based on your symptoms. As pain in the ear is usually caused by infection, the doctor will check the inside of your ear using otoscope. Ear infection can be confirmed if your eardrum is swollen, inflamed, or red in color. Depending on the result of this examination, additional tests maybe required before a diagnosis is provided.

While ear pain is usually treatable using over-the-counter age appropriate painkillers, long-term earache that affects the ability to hear properly is commonly treated with grommets. These are small tubes used to keep the ear free of infection and fluid. Following this procedure, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection.

Getting treatment for ear pain in Southeast Asia while you’re in the region for business or for pleasure allows you to benefit from the country’s highly skilled and highly qualified medical professionals that offer world-class medical services for a fraction of the cost of what you’ll normally pay in western countries.

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