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Get Treatment for Abdominal Fibromatosis in Southeast Asia

Abdominal fibromatosis is a condition characterised by the growth of abnormal tissues in the abdominal area that involves the internal oblique muscles and fascia. The condition is locally invasive with most growths considered to be benign or noncancerous. Its symptoms include the presence of abdominal mass and abdominal pain. In some cases, there is also gastrointestinal bleeding with bowel perforation caused by tumour cells.

Though relatively uncommon, there are several treatment options available for abdominal fibromatosis. One of them is surgery, where the diseased part of the abdominal area is resected and surgically removed to stop tumour cells from spreading to adjacent areas. In some cases, the physician would recommend radiation therapy as adjuvant treatment after surgery.

All these treatment options are widely available in most countries in Southeast Asia, where a number of excellent medical facilities can be found. In Malaysia alone, there are several hospitals that cater to both local and foreign patients seeking top-notch but affordable gastroenterology care. The same service is available in other Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Singapore.

Many medical facilities in Southeast Asia are accredited by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and Joint Commission International (JCI), a non-profit organisation that promotes quality and credibility in international health care. These hospitals are staffed by internationally-trained and highly experienced gastroenterology specialists who strive to offer the highest standards of surgical and medical care using advanced technology, state-of-the-art surgical facilities, and breakthrough methods. This winning combination increases the chances of successful surgery and improved outcomes.

Despite delivering care that meets international standards, the cost of surgery is significantly less expensive in Southeast Asia when compared to Western countries. The reduced cost yet excellent medical care available for abdominal fibromatosis in the region makes it an excellent destination for treatment and recuperation.

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