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Get Treatment for Pneumonia in Singapore

Pneumonia, which is characterized as the inflammation of the lungs caused by infection, is a potentially life-threatening medical condition particularly for patients with compromised respiratory function. Due to the seriousness of the disease, immediate and high quality medical care is essential.

If you’re from Indonesia, your best option is to travel to neighboring country, Singapore for diagnosis and treatment. The city state has long been known for its world-class healthcare system, state-of-the-art medical facilities and cleanliness making it the premiere medical travel destination not just in Southeast Asia but also across the globe.

The process of getting high quality treatment for pneumonia starts with finding the best pulmonologists in Singapore. Using websites such as docdoc, book an appointment before you even travel to ensure that you’ll be given immediate medical attention.

Diagnosing pneumonia includes physical exam and x-ray. In some cases, pulmonologists may order additional tests including CBC blood test, CT scan, pleural fluid culture, and bronchoscopy. Depending on the stage of your pneumonia, possible course of treatment ranges from taking antibiotics all the way to getting surgery called thoracotomy.

Regardless of the course of treatment, traveling to Singapore assures you of the best professional health care service. This is due to Singapore’s long list of highly qualified pulmonologists and the country’s impressive medical facilities. You are also guaranteed to receive the most advanced available treatment giving you better chances of recovering from the condition in half the time.

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