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Get Treatment for Retinal Detachment in Southeast Asia

Retinal detachment is an emergency medical situation that occurs when retina separates from the wall of the back of the eye. As this condition leaves retinal cells lacking oxygen, immediate medical is required otherwise, the patient risks losing their vision permanently.

Fortunately, retinal detachment can be prevented. Patient who are experiencing retinal tears, which are often the first stage leading to a retinal detachment, can save their vision by seeking medical attention from eye specialist as soon as warning signs appear. A simple laser procedure that is offered in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Singapore can be taken advantage of as preventive measure. This laser surgery is designed to weld the retina to the underlying eye wall preventing retinal detachment.

However, if retinal detachment has taken place before any laser procedure has been performed, the only option for patient is to schedule surgery immediately to reattach the retina and reverse vision loss. This surgery, which is called sceral buckle surgery, is also performed by highly qualified ophthalmologists in Southeast Asia. Patients who are already in Southeast Asia are guaranteed to receive immediate medical attention for this condition.

Ophthalmologists in Southeast Asia who have years of solid experience will perform the surgery while the macula is still attached to restore good vision. They will also decide how soon the surgery will be performed based on the diagnosis and result of your retinal exam.

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