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Get Your Dental Veneers Done in Singapore

A dental veneer, which is one of the most conservative aesthetic restoration options in the field of dentistry, is often the best alternative to have a perfect smile. However, this dental procedure can cost as much as $2,600 per tooth in the United States and European countries. If you’re looking for a more affordable option without sacrificing quality care, a good alternative is to schedule an appointment with a dentist in Singapore.

Since Singapore has plenty of qualified dentists, you won’t have any trouble finding one who can give you a perfect smile with dental veneers. However, there are things you’ll need to expect when having this done.

First, you will most likely need to visit the dentist more than once. The process of creating and bonding dental veneers will usually take around three appointments, so planning for accommodation in the city state is an absolute must.

However, if you have limited time in Singapore, you will be offered “same day dentistry.” This is a cutting-edge chair-side CAD/CAM technology used to produce, bond, and adjust veneers in just one visit. It is a bit more expensive compared to the traditional procedure but cuts the processing time by as much as 75%.

You will also work together with the dentist specializing in smile design. This could be a short or lengthy process depending on several factors, but what is important is that the dentist fully understands what you want accomplished and how your smile should look like with dental veneers.

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