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Get Your Lipoma of the Skin Treated in Southeast Asia

Patients with lipomas have harmless deposits of fat located under their skin. This condition usually occurs in the shoulders and back, and typically affects older individuals. The mass of fatty tissue are soft to touch and can be easily moved when prodded. These growths do not pose any significant health threat to the patient, but they can be painful when they press on a nerve just under the skin.

Though benign (lipomas are medically classified as tumours), many patients still consider having their lipomas removed, especially if they have become large and affect several parts of the body. Also, these growths can be quite unsightly and be a cause of embarrassment.

A number of excellent medical centres and skin clinics in Southeast Asia offer several treatment options for lipomas. One option is surgery, which offers a permanent solution to this condition. Highly skilled surgeons in the region can perform the needed surgical procedures to remove these growths. There are also a number of skilled dermatologists and cosmetologists in countries such as Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia who are ready to provide comprehensive medical services. Cosmetologists can perform liposuction to remove fat-based growths while dermatologists can administer steroid injections to shrink the lipoma. These doctors can perform the needed procedures using high-quality materials, advanced surgical equipment, and the best medical/surgical practices while keeping the cost low. Doctors in Southeast Asia charge reasonable fees compared to their Western counterparts.

Since treatments for lipomas are minor procedures, patients can combine their medical visit with an enjoyable holiday. With enormous savings, they can explore Singapore’s world-class theme parks, Thailand’s white-sand beaches, or Malaysia’s heritage sites.

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