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Getting Affordable Eyebrow Transplant in Singapore

Extremely thin, patchy or totally missing eyebrows can make a person’s face look alarmingly unnatural. Although there are temporary fixes, such as the use of make-up, you may opt for an eyebrow transplant procedure that offers a permanent result. If you’re from Indonesia but would rather have the procedure done in a first-world country, your first option should be to travel to Singapore, which is significantly closer when compared to the United States and other first-world countries.

Eyebrow transplant procedures in Singapore are performed the same way in western countries. Specialists here who are highly trained and have years of experience, uses clinically-proven and state-of-the-art hair transplantation technique called follicular unit transplantation to create natural-looking eyebrows using the hair harvested from different parts of your body. Singapore is home to a long list of hair restoration clinics that boast exceptional facilities and world-class equipment, ensuring the success of the procedure. As the country is aggressively promoting medical tourism, medical tourists are given a priority and provided with the procedures they require at their earliest convenience.

However, the biggest advantage of traveling to Singapore for an eyebrow transplant is the cost. When compared to having this performed in the United States, the total cost is up to 75% cheaper. And since the procedure only takes 2-4 hours, you may elect to have this performed on the same day you arrive to the country to save on accommodation cost or spend a fraction of your savings having a great holiday in a peace-loving country that is rich in culture. Either way, you’ll still be able to save thousands of dollars while still enjoying exceptional results.

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