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Getting Affordable Eyebrow Transplant in Southeast Asia

Eyebrow transplants and restorations are currently facing high demand as more and more people discover the important role the eyebrows play. Indeed, the eyebrows significantly help define the shape of the face. Unfortunately, they are prey to excessive plucking, genetics, aging, or trauma, all of which may cause them to thin out as the hair follicles become damaged.

These days, modern hair transplant procedures such as FUE are available; follicular unit extraction or follicular transfer (FT) is a procedure that transfers healthy hair follicles one by one to the eyebrow area from another part of the body. This minimally invasive procedure lowers the risk of scarring and minimizes the recovery downtime. However, it can be costly especially in conventional cosmetic clinics in the West. Thankfully, people can now reap benefits from seeking eyebrow transplantation in Southeast Asia where the cost of the procedure is up to 75% cheaper.

Southeast Asia has fast become the hub of cosmetic surgery, with countries such as South Korea and Thailand being hailed as the best in the field. Armed with the latest technologies and doctors skilled in the most advanced techniques, these countries deliver results that are at par with western standards.

The majority of hair transplant clinics in Southeast Asia charge up to 70% less than what the same procedures would cost in the West. In fact, most patients find that even with all the additional costs due to the required travel, they still end up saving thousands of dollars by having the procedure done in Southeast Asia.

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