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Getting Affordable In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in Singapore

Couples who are suffering from infertility (unable to conceive after at least a year of regular unprotected sex) qualify for various Assisted Reproductive Technology procedures such as IVF or In vitro Fertilization. IVF is a medical procedure where eggs and sperm are combined in a laboratory before placing them in the uterus. Although the procedure is available in Indonesia, the success rate is less than impressive due to the limited availability of the needed technology, facilities, as well as qualified infertility specialists. If you’re unable to conceive and seriously considers crossing borders to benefit from the expertise and advanced technology available in first-world countries, know that aside from the United States and other western countries, Singapore is also a viable option.

Singapore has produced Asia’s first IVF baby in 1983 and is now home to some of the largest infertility centres not just in Southeast Asia but also across the world. These centres, which feature world-class facilities and the most advanced technologies, offers comprehensive testing, diagnostic, and treatment procedures designed to increase your chances of conceiving. Infertility specialists in Singapore, most of whom received training and education in the west, perform IVF procedures the same way as their western counterparts. They also use the same clinically-proven methods and high-tech equipment in a world-class medical facility; the only difference is the price. Patients can save up to 50% of the cost while receiving the same quality of medical care offered in western countries. Even when associated costs, such as accommodation, are considered, you will still save thousands of dollars. And since Singapore enjoys a great reputation for being one of the countries with the highest IVF success rates in the world, your dream of having a child will be within your reach.

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