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Getting Affordable Rotator Cuff Repair in Southeast Asia

To say that a rotator cuff injury is painful is an understatement. It’s agonizing and it limits movements. It can also possibly lead to more serious injuries or complications, and definitely diminishes the quality of life. Thus, immediate treatment is often required.

In Western countries, however, a simple procedure like rotator cuff repair can cost not just hundreds but thousands of dollars. Worse, not all treatments can be covered by insurance. In the end, it can potentially drain life’s savings.

In Southeast Asia, the same procedure can be up to 75% cheaper. Moreover, as businesses such as those in the United States see the significant savings they enjoy from insurance incentive they give to employees if they travel abroad, some are already offering co-pays for international treatment. Patients can then travel at a very reduced or even zero cost.

Aside from affordable treatment procedures, you can also expect the same high standards of medical care as what you’re receiving in your home country. This is possible as Southeast Asian countries, particularly Singapore and Thailand, have world-class medical facilities and specialized orthopaedic clinics that are fully equipped with the most advanced technologies. Also, as the majority of orthopaedic surgeons in these countries are Western-trained, they are very knowledgeable on cutting-edge surgical techniques that lead not just to exceptional outcome but also minimal discomfort and downtime. Not only that, you’ll also get to experience Southeast Asia’s signature hospitality where you’ll enjoy a royal treatment from consultation to post-operative stage.

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