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Go to SEA for Destruction of Lumbar or Sacral Facet Joint

The destruction of a lumbar or sacral facet joint is a procedure used to treat low back pain. This joint denervation method, which usually requires local anaesthesia, can be performed through a percutaneous radiofrequency procedure, pulsed RF, laser, chemodenervation, or cryoablation. Well-trained technicians are able to determine which of these techniques are most appropriate for each case. Regardless of which technique is used, the procedure has to be performed with care and precision to prevent serious complications. Thus, it is important to seek treatment only from skilled and accredited medical care providers.

These highly advanced techniques are widely available in leading hospitals and pain management clinics in Southeast Asia. These medical facilities are manned by highly skilled practitioners with most of them having degrees and advanced training in Western countries. Their international backgrounds help guarantee that the service and medical care they provide are parallel in quality to those offered in developed nations such as the United States and Europe.

As such, Southeast Asians do not have to travel all the way to the US or Europe when seeking high-quality treatment for their lumbar or sacral facet joint pain. Now, you can receive world-class treatment and experience long-term symptoms relief by travelling to neighbouring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Since these countries are closer to home, the trip will be physically easier for you, given your condition, and will also be more affordable.

Southeast Asians are not the only ones who travel to these countries for relief from a wide range of medical conditions. Southeast Asia has become known as a medical tourism hub that attracts patients from all over the world. This is due in part to its large numbers of state-of-the-art medical facilities that are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the International Standards Organisation (ISO). Such accreditations serve as a guarantee for medical tourists that they will receive only high-quality, world-class medical care from these hospitals.

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