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Go to Singapore for Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a “nose lift” or “nose job”, is a medical procedure that involves the process of improving the size and shape of the nose for both aesthetic and medical reasons. Traditionally, rhinoplasty was an invasive, surgical procedure that was usually performed when augmenting a nose that was relatively wide or when there’s a need to correct the nasal structure due to breathing problems. Today, because of modern improvements, there are now non-invasive rhinoplasty treatments particularly for raising the bridge of the nose. Both these types of medical procedures are available for you in Singapore should you wish to get the procedure outside Indonesia.

Just like other Asians who require rhinoplasty, you will most likely need a plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty for Asian noses. Asian noses are physically different from Caucasians’ with the former being short and wide at the base. This is the reason why Asian rhinoplasty involves augmentation rather than reduction. When traveling to Singapore for this procedure, you have a choice between the traditional surgical and the modern non-invasive procedure.

With nose augmentation, you can opt for the less expensive option – the non-invasive procedure. This involves the injection of a filler to create the height for the bridge of the nose. The filler is easy to mold, which gives the plastic surgeon greater flexibility in creating the right shape for the patient. This non-invasive treatment also requires less recovery time, which is a plus for most patients traveling to Singapore for medical reasons.

With these two choices, you have better alternatives in getting the kind of nose you want at a price that is up to 50% cheaper compared to western countries.

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