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Go to Southeast Asia for Affordable Nasoendoscopy

Nasoendoscopy is an endoscopic diagnostic procedure performed by a speech and language pathologist to examine the physiology and anatomy of the velopharynx using a flexible endoscope that is inserted through the nose. Typically performed in outpatient clinics, the procedure lasts no longer than an hour.

Despite being a routine, straightforward procedure, Nasoendoscopy can cost thousands of dollars when performed in the United States and other western countries. If you would like to save while having the procedure and at the same time, combine it with some R&R, traveling to Southeast Asia is your best option.

Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and South Korea are home to world-class diagnostic clinics that use the most advanced technologies and techniques to ensure the accuracy of the results as well as patient’s safety and comfort. Procedures such as Nasoendoscopy are performed by highly-trained medical professionals, many of whom have graduated or completed extensive training in some of the most prestigious schools around the world. Despite offering world-class treatment and first-class customer service, medical professionals in this region charge up to 75% cheaper when compared to their western counterparts. Even with associated costs such as accommodation, food, and airfare, you’d still be able to save thousands of dollars and enjoy a nice holiday.

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