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Receive Cancer Screening in Southeast Asia

Cancer screening, which aims to detect cancer before the symptoms appear and which is ideal for individuals at a higher risk of getting the disease, leads to early detection that significantly increases the chances of improved outcomes.

Although the technology required for cancer screening is widely available in the west, cost has become a prohibiting factor for many. Some health insurance providers cover certain types of cancer screening, like colorectal cancer, but the patient will normally have to share a percentage of the cost. The cost gets even higher if you choose to undergo full health and wellness assessment that includes screening for different types of cancer and other diseases.

One way to save money on cancer screening, especially on complete health and wellness assessments, is to travel to countries in Southeast Asia, which offer these services at much lower prices.

For instance, Singapore is one of the leaders in the region when it comes to battling cancer. Numerous medical facilities in the country offer cancer screening which include faecal Immunochemical test and colonoscopy for colorectal cancer, mammogram, and pap smear. You can also find total health and wellness packages that are more affordable. With the country’s world-class healthcare system and a long list of highly qualified cancer specialists, you are assured of quality health service.

You never want to get caught off-guard by cancer, especially when it’s in the later stages. Consider being screened for cancer in Southeast Asia and there will be higher chances of providing cure if it is detected early.

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