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Go to Southeast Asia for Traumatic Chest Injury Treatment

Chest injury refers to any injury to the chest area, which includes the ribs, lungs, and heart. Up to 25% of all trauma-related deaths are caused by chest injury, and they commonly occur due to car accidents or blunt force. Any chest injury can endanger a person’s life in many ways. It can fracture the ribs, cause blood clots, or injure the airways or the lungs, making it difficult for patients to breathe. It can also cause injury to the heart and blood vessels. Thus, patients with chest injury require immediate medical attention.

Comprehensive treatment for traumatic chest injuries can be taken advantage of in Southeast Asia. The region is now a popular destination for medical tourists due to its large number of globally recognised medical facilities. This significantly helps in reducing waiting times, which is extremely crucial for those with traumatic chest injuries.

Southeast Asia’s medical tourism industry is also booming for several other reasons. First, the quality of healthcare in the region has improved rapidly over the past few years. Aside from massive investments in medical technology, more and more hospitals are also sending their doctors to the US or Europe to study and train. When they go back to Southeast Asia, they bring back the same medical technologies and techniques being used abroad. They also become exposed to international standards in healthcare that they apply to their local hospitals. This means that going to Southeast Asia for treatment is almost the same as going to the US or UK.

The main difference, however, lies in the cost of treatment. Hospitals in the United States and Europe are known for their high-quality service, but they charge very high. Thus, patients find it hard to receive the care they need, especially since most chest injuries require long hospital stays. Thankfully, Southeast Asia offers the same quality of medical care but cheaper by as much as 70%. This leaves patients with enough to spare for their rehabilitation expenses, as well as for the travel and accommodation costs of their family and friends travelling with them.

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