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Go to Southeast Asia for World-Class Neuralgia Treatment

Neuralgia refers to severe, debilitating pain that cannot be addressed using over-the-counter pain medications. It is caused by nerve damage brought about by certain diseases, certain types of infections, damage to the myelin (the coating that protects the nerves), or due to old age. The pain can be felt in any part of the body but is more common in the face and neck.

Accurately diagnosing the cause of neuralgia is extremely crucial for the proper treatment of the condition. Potential treatments include maintaining ideal blood sugar levels (if the condition is caused by diabetes), surgery (to relieve pressure brought about by tumours), nerve blocks, and physical therapy, among others.

Comprehensive treatment for neuralgia is widely available in Southeast Asia and can be taken advantage of by local, regional, and international patients. To ensure high quality care, patients can choose from a long list of Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Standards Organisation (ISO) accredited medical facilities where world-class treatment is guaranteed. Some of these hospitals can be found in Singapore (which features the best healthcare system in Asia), Thailand, and Malaysia. These hospitals are staffed by specialists who are highly qualified in the management of underlying conditions (such as diabetes) as well as in pain management.

Travelling to Southeast Asia for treatment offers a wide range of benefits. Aside from having access to quality but affordable care, regional and international patients also get to enjoy minimal waiting period as medical tourists in the region are typically a priority in most hospitals. In addition, they get to enjoy Signature Asian hospitality and combine their treatment with a holiday together with their family or loved ones. Southeast Asia is home to many renowned beaches, heritage sites, warm people, and rich culture, among others.

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