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Why You Should Go to Southeast Asia for Rhinoplasty

You’re probably already aware that the cost of cosmetic surgery in Southeast Asia is up to 50 percent cheaper than the prices charged by western plastic and cosmetic surgeons. If you’re planning to undergo Rhinoplasty and seriously considering flying to one of the countries in the region, there are a couple of very important things that you need to know.

First, be aware that the most commonly performed procedure in SE Asia is called Asian Rhinoplasty. Asians, especially those from the Southeast, commonly have a low nose bridge with the tip of the nose slightly pointing upward. They undergo Rhinoplasty to increase the bridge and lower the nose tip.

However, if you’re like most westerners, you will most likely require reductive Rhinoplasty, which include procedures like smoothening the nose bridge. Such procedure would require trimming the dorsal hump a little.

While most cosmetic surgeons in Southeast Asia are qualified to perform such procedure, you can definitely save enormous time while ensuring quality of service by doing research and finding a clinic that specialize in the exact procedure you need before you fly across the world. You can find the best plastic surgeons in the world in South Korea, Thailand, and Singapore.

Once you’re confident in the skills of the cosmetic surgeon, you can start making your travel arrangements. You may also want to plan for a little sightseeing while recovering from the procedure. Southeast Asia has plenty of amazing attractions that you definitely don’t want to miss.

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