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Granulomatous Interstitial Nephropathy Treatment in SE Asia

Idiopathic granulomatous interstitial nephropathy is a rare disease in which the spaces between the renal tubules become inflamed. The condition is a form of nephritis affecting the interstitium of the kidneys. It can occur suddenly or may progress over a long period. In the latter case, the condition is chronic and eventually leads to kidney failure. The condition is also known to cause a highly varied array of symptoms, and may sometimes be challenging to diagnose. Unfortunately, for treatment to be effective, the cause of the condition has to be addressed. Diagnosis and treatment are also best performed early or before the condition causes any lasting damage to the kidneys.

To overcome the challenges in diagnosing and treating idiopathic granulomatous interstitial nephropathy, patients are advised to seek expert nephrology care. In the past, patients have to travel to the US or UK to find doctors and hospitals that specialise in treating this condition. Now, however, the same resources are also available in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia has revolutionised the global medical field by investing heavily in advanced medical treatments such as technology-assisted procedures. It also offers medical tourists one important benefit: lower healthcare costs. So while treatment of rare conditions such as nephropathy, may be expensive in western countries, they are up to 70% more affordable in Southeast Asia.

Thailand is currently the fastest-growing medical tourism destination in the region. The country gained worldwide recognition when it bagged the first Joint Commission International accreditation ever given to an Asian hospital, thanks to the efforts and innovativeness of Bumrungrad International Hospital. This highlights the fact that although healthcare is cheaper in the country, its quality is now at par with what medical tourists hope to receive in the west.

Bumrungrad’s achievement was followed by several other JCI-accredited hospitals including the Bangkok Hospital Group Medical Center, which also has ISO 9002 and 9001:2000 accreditations. The group also set up the Bangkok International Hospital, which is the first hospital in Thailand exclusively designed for international patients. The hospital’s facilities and staff are specifically put together to address various cultural and linguistic considerations. This helped make the hospital a truly multi-national medical facility.

For patients in need of world-class specialist care that they can afford, Southeast Asia is definitely the most ideal choice.

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