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Head To Southeast Asia for Osteoporosis Care

Osteoporosis, which affects about 54 million people in the United States and European countries, is a medical condition in which the bones lose enough tissues making them fragile and brittle. As a result, the bones become substantially weaker and may break even from a minor fall. For this reason, immediate treatment is highly advised.

Treatments for osteoporosis, which are widely available in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, South Korea, and Singapore, include the use of variety of medications as well as Vitamin D and calcium supplementation. However, for severe cases where medical therapy is proven insufficient, surgical techniques maybe required to treat vertebral fractures.

Any treatment recommendation will be based on the result of thorough analysis and diagnosis. Just like in western countries, specialists in Southeast Asian nations diagnose osteoporosis through a noninvasive test designed to measure bone mineral density in different parts of your body including spine, hip, and femur or top of the thighbone.

When it comes to osteoporosis surgery, Southeast Asian countries offer vertebroplasty, which is a minimally invasive procedure designed to reinforce the spine with compression fractures. The surgery involves the injection of acrylic compound to stabilize the weakened bone. Kyphoplasty is also used to stabilize weakened bone and restore the height of the vertebrae.

If you require any of the surgery but would like to be guaranteed of affordable prices, better quality care, and minimal waiting time, traveling to Southeast Asia is your most viable option.

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