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High Quality but Affordable Forehead Lift in Singapore

Just like in other parts of the world, forehead lift is also highly popular in Indonesia, a cosmetic procedure designed to reduce the patient’s age by up to 10 years if done well.

Although Indonesia has several plastic and cosmetic surgeons, more and more patients from the country are crossing borders and taking advantage of the latest innovations and modern technology that first world countries have to offer.

If you’re highly considering doing the same, know that aside from the United States and European countries, you also have the option to travel to your neighbouring country – Singapore.

Plastic surgeons in Singapore perform the procedure the same way it is performed by their counterparts in the United States. The same state-of-the-art equipment and technology are used in a world-class medical facility. The only difference is the cost. While a forehead lift in the United States can easily set you back by thousands of dollars, this is offered in Singapore at top beauty centres for up to 75% cheaper.

More affordable cost isn’t the only benefit that you can expect from traveling to Singapore. Other advantages include proximity as the country is just a few hours flight from Indonesia. Also, you can expect world-class health care facilities and you’ll get to experience the signature Asian hospitality that will surely improve your overall experience.

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