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High-Quality Gingivostomatitis Treatment is Cheaper in SEA

Gingivostomatitis, which is also known as orolabial herpes, is an oral problem caused by an infection in the mouth and gums. A combination of gingivitis and stomatitis, the condition is related to herpes simplex infection and is characterised by the inflammation of the oral gingiva and the oral mucosa.

Gingivostomatitis treatment starts with a biopsy in which a small tissue sample is taken from the mouth or gums to confirm the presence of a viral or bacterial infection. It also rules out other common causes of mouth ulcers. Once diagnosed, patients are treated with medications and undergo a debridement procedure.

Affordable, high-quality treatment for gingivostomatitis and other dental and oral problems can be taken advantage of in Southeast Asia, a region now known as one of the most trusted medical tourism destinations in the world. The best Southeast Asian countries to visit include Singapore, which is recognised as the pioneer of Asian medical tourism. The city-state is a first-world country with one of the most impressive healthcare systems in the world offering medical and dental care which quality is on par with Western countries but without the hefty price tag.

Aside from top quality and affordable medical and dental care, another benefit of going to Southeast Asia is minimal to zero waiting time because the hospitals and dental clinics in the region are designed to accommodate a large number of patients. Also, as the region is continuously growing its market share in the global medical tourism industry, international patients are usually prioritised and are attended to at their earliest convenient time.

International patients in the region also get to enjoy enormous savings. When compared to going to Western countries, they get to save up to 75% of the total cost of gingivostomatitis treatment if they travel to Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. The associated fees, such as meals, accommodation, and airfare, are also significantly cheaper.

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