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High-Quality Iatrogenic Hypothyroidism Treatment in SE Asia

Iatrogenic hypothyroidism is a medical condition caused by an inadequate secretion of the thyroid hormones. It is managed with long-term hormone replacement therapy. This treatment can be overly expensive or not widely available in many countries. For this reason, more and more patients from all over the world are considering medical tourism. One of the best destinations these days is Southeast Asia, a region renowned for offering high quality but affordable treatment for both common and complex conditions, including iatrogenic hypothyroidism.

Southeast Asia’s healthcare system has thrived significantly over the past few years. Behind its success are its adherence to the medical field’s best practices and openness to new technologies. But what really sets the region apart from its contemporaries in the medical tourism industry, such as the US and UK, is the lower cost of healthcare it offers to both local and international patients. While the facilities and treatments are comparable in quality or even superior in terms of innovation, patients are known to save up to 70% of their expected costs when they seek treatment in Southeast Asia instead of going to Western countries.

Countries in Southeast Asia that boast impressive healthcare infrastructure include Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. Singapore has long been a medical tourism leader, even before the booming industry spread throughout the region. It is currently the most reliable destination, with long-time ISO 9001 facilities such as Raffles Hospital, which has 16 different specialist centres and hospital rooms that are at par with five-star hotel quality standards. The hospital is best known for its wide range of hospital suites, including rooms with four to six beds.

This is just one out of the many world-class options that medical tourists can choose from when they travel to Southeast Asia for treatment.

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