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High-Quality Low Back Disk Surgery in Southeast Asia

Low back disk surgery can be recommended if you are experiencing recurring pain due to herniated disk in your lower back or lumbar area. This condition typically results from a sudden twist of the spine as well as after lifting heavy objects, leading to the degraded outer ring of the disc to protrude and push against a nerve. In most cases, physicians would initially recommend conservative treatments like steroid injections, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and physical therapy. However, if the herniated disk causes significant pain with every movement and significantly impacts your quality of life, a surgical option is recommended. There are several ways of surgically relieving pain due to herniated disk. These include removing the vertebral arch or a portion of the disk that presses onto the nerve, replacing the damaged disk, or fusing the vertebrae.

A number of medical institutions in Southeast Asia have developed state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to the treatment of spine problems and associated neurological issues. Many of them use minimally invasive techniques so you can have shorter recuperation period and avoid long-term complications.

SEA countries also offer cutting-edge technologies. In countries like Singapore, you are assured of excellent health care standards practiced in its hospitals. This is also the case of other Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Malaysia, where doctors and medical staff are highly trained to address your spinal health concerns.

The quality of medical care offered by spine surgery centres in Southeast Asia does not translate to high cost, even if you account expenses for airfare and accommodation. Patients from as far as the United States come to the region to enjoy comprehensive medical packages without spending a fortune. There are also excellent rehabilitation services offered by these institutions, something that is essential after surgery to the lower back. And if so desired, traditional therapeutic practices can even be arranged to help in the healing process.

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