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Holistic Male Urinary Stress Incontinence Treatment in SEA

Urinary stress incontinence is the unintentional loss or accidental leakage of urine. It is caused by certain actions that place pressure on the bladder. In men, the cause is usually an underlying prostate condition, overactive or damaged bladder muscles, and nerve damage.

Patients who require holistic, advanced, and affordable male urinary stress incontinence treatment have the option to travel to Southeast Asia. The region is now known as one of the most trusted medical tourism hubs in the world. It offers comprehensive solutions to both common and serious medical conditions.

In countries such as Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, urinary stress incontinence is managed using the same methods, techniques, and medical technology used in Western countries. It is diagnosed using a range of tests and procedures. These include urine flow and urodynamic tests, cystoscopy, and blood tests. These are combined with a thorough physical exam and medical history assessment to come up with an accurate diagnosis. In the majority of cases, the condition is treated using a holistic approach. The underlying cause is addressed and certain modifications in lifestyle and diet are prescribed to effectively manage the condition.

In severe cases, many hospitals in Southeast Asia also offer both non-invasive and surgical treatments. These include pelvic floor muscle exercises, biofeedback, and injection therapy. They also offer the use of male slings and artificial urinary sphincter.

Patients who consider travelling to the region to get medical treatment can expect top quality healthcare. This is because Southeast Asia is home to many Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Standards Organisation (ISO) accredited medical facilities. These hospitals are staffed by highly qualified, Western-trained urologists, surgeons, and other medical practitioners. Despite the quality of care they provide, many hospitals in the region are charging as much as 50% less when compared to their Western counterparts.

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