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How to Recover from Compartment Syndrome in Southeast Asia

Compartment syndrome is a painful medical condition that occurs when pressure builds up within the muscles. It is associated with swelling and/or bleeding within the muscles and is commonly caused by accidental trauma or injury. However, it can also develop gradually over an extended period, in which the condition is considered as chronic. The increased pressure within the muscles can obstruct the flow of blood to and from various organs in the body, especially the abdominal organs like the liver, bowels, and kidneys. Thus, if compartment syndrome is suspected, it is important for patients to receive prompt treatment.

Patients who suffer from an acute form of compartment syndrome may need to undergo a surgical procedure called an emergency fasciotomy. On the other hand, patients who suffer from chronic compartment syndrome may require long-term physiotherapy as well as orthotics. If such treatment methods do not work, surgery may also be beneficial.

To receive optimum treatment for the condition, patients should look for a medical facility where they can access all possible treatment options that may benefit them. Such fully equipped medical facilities are now widely available in Southeast Asia. The region, now acclaimed as the newest and fastest-growing hub for medical tourism, has a large number of world-class medical centres with a diverse range of specialties, including orthopaedics. These hospitals, mostly found in Singapore, Thailand, or Malaysia, are at the cutting edge of medical technology and are thus able to offer the latest and most advanced treatments available.

Aside from conventional treatment methods, doctors in Southeast Asia now also use a recently developed therapy called the McGinley method, which uses a combination of Botox injections and ultrasonography to relieve the symptoms of chronic compartment syndrome. Compartment syndrome specialists in Southeast Asia now also use hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a highly effective way of reducing the swelling and pressure within the muscle compartments.

Southeast Asia’s hospitals are also staffed with well-trained and dedicated nurses. This, along with some hospitals’ long-term care programmes, helps ensure that patients receive the complete medical care they require including physical and occupational therapy.

As a guide to finding the best facilities in Southeast Asia, patients seeking long-term rehabilitation care for compartment syndrome only has to look for the Gold Seal of Approval. The certification is awarded by the Joint Commission International (JCI) to hospitals in the region in recognition of their cutting-edge technology and highly skilled physicians.

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